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Scofe Labs has been formed with the objective of improving the conceptual understanding of Engineering Concepts amongst the fresh graduate Engineers. We wish bring out the True Engineering spirit amongst students.

We, at Scofe Labs, felt the need to change the current Engineering Education system and create an eco-system of Engineering.

Scofe Labs is a pioneering in offering online courses for mechanical engineering students affiliated to universities in India.
The eLearning content is curated and ensures maximum coverage across Universities.

The eLearning content provided is extensive and it covers all that a Mechanical Engineer needs to know starting from the mechanical engineering basics to the various Engineering Concepts, Laws, derivations.

Each concept has been simplified with emphasis on the how the assumptions get built up into the derivations & other theories. The content in the online courses for mechanical engineering has been co-related to practical examples and industry scenarios.

Scofe Labs’ uses a unique Visualisation technique to explain and elaborate each Engineering concept using state of the art 3D animations. Every aspect of mechanical engineering basics to complex topics are explained in very simple terms.

The content is viewable through a Windows based app called EngGuru. The concepts are made available in two formats for students.

Scofe Labs has been offering online courses for mechanical engineering. This covers topics like Thermodynamics, Strength of Materials, Material Science, Manufacturing Processes, Production Processes. These subjects are known with different names under various university’s in India.

Mechanical Engineering course content of all major Indian University's have been covered.

We are continuously adding subject content. Do visit our website for updates.

Subscription model:
The subscriptions to the online courses for mechanical engineering can be available as individual subjects or as a Combo Package.

Come Learn the fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering and increase your career prospects by becoming a true Engineer.

online courses for mechanical engineering

We guarantee, you will love Engineering hereafter



Topics: Laws of Thermodynamics, Entropy, Ideal Gas, Thermodynamic Cycles, Vapour Refrigeration & Power Cycles, Steam Generators, Psychrometry

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process

Cover topics Casting Process, Metal Forming Process, Molding, Joining Process, Sheet Metal Working and Centre Lathe

Strength of Materials

Production Process

Metal Casting, Gating System, Melting, Welding, Forming Process, Moulding, Ceramics, Classification, Gear Manufacturing, Modern Machine Tools.

online courses for mechanical engineering

Strength of Materials

Simple Stresses & Strains, Principles, SFD & BMD, Bending & Shear Stress, Slope & Deflection of Beams, Strain Energy, Torsion, Buckling of Coloumns, Theories of Elastic failure.

mechanical engineering basics online

Material Science

Structure of Metals & Materials, Mechanical behaviour of Metals & materials, Destructive Testing, NDT, Types of Corrosion Corrosion prevention Methods, Surface Modification Methods, Powder Metallurgy, Production

online mechanical engineering basics

Material Technology

Classification, Lattice Imperfections, Deformation, Strain Hardening, Fracture, Fatigue Failure, Creep, Theory of Alloys, Heat Treatment Process, Composites, Nano Materials, Smart Materials

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