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Mechanical Engineering

Course Objectives - Manufacturing Process- I

1. To make acquaintance of foundry processes pattern making and casting
2. To study metal forming processes such forging, rolling, extrusion and wire drawing
3. To make study of different plastic molding processes
4. To study metal joining processes
5. To design and development of product with Sheet metal working process
6. Introduction to center lathe

Topics Covered

1. Casting Processes
2. Metal Forming Processes
3. Plastic Processing
4. Joining Processes:
5. Sheet Metal Working
6. Centre lathe

Content Delivery

1. Windows Based App
2. Offline Access for Viewing
3. 3D Visualised Content
4. Triggered based Flash content (Only with Premium Combo Package)

Course Details

Number of 3D Videos 49 (Available ONLY with Combo Package)
Premium Flash Videos 49 (Available ONLY with Combo Package)
Estimated Video Content 500 minutes
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