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Material Science

Course Objectives - Thermodynamics

1. To familiarize the concepts of Energy in general and Heat and Work in particular
2. To study the fundamentals of quantification and grade of energy
3. To study the effect of energy transfer on properties of substances in the form of charts and diagrams
4. To familiarize application of the concepts of thermodynamics in vapour power, gas power cycles

Topics Covered

1. Basic Concepts & definitions
2. First Law of Thermodynamics
3. Second Law of Thermodynamics
4. Thermodynamic Relations
5. Compressors
6. Vapour Power cycle

Content Delivery

1. Windows Based App
2. Offline Access for Viewing
3. 3D Visualised Content
4. Triggered based Flash content (Only with Premium Combo Package)

Course Details

Number of 3D Videos 90 (Available ONLY with Combo Package)
Premium Flash Videos 90 (Available ONLY with Combo Package)
Estimated Video Content 600 minutes
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