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Material Technology

Course Objectives - Material Technology

1. To study basic engineering materials, their structure-property-performance
2. To study strengthening processes including heat treatment processes in order to enhance properties.
3. To study new materials and their applications

Topics Covered

1. Classification of Materials
2. Lattice Imperfections
3. Deformation
4. Strain Hardening
5. Fracture
6. Fatigue Failure
7. Creep
8. Theory of Alloys& Alloys Diagrams
9. Heat treatment Process
10. Effect of Alloying Elements in Steels
11. Introduction to New materials

Content Delivery

1. Windows Based App
2. Offline Access for Viewing
3. 3D Visualised Content
4. Triggered based Flash content (Only with Premium Combo Package)

Course Details

Number of 3D Videos 97 (Available ONLY with Combo Package)
Premium Flash Videos 97 (Available ONLY with Combo Package)
Estimated Video Content 650 minutes
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