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Sponsor a Deserving Engineer

Sponsor a Deserving Engineer
80%-90% of the 1.5 million Engineering Graduates in India that enter into the job market each year are Non- Employable, due to lack of lack of adequate skills. This is also the reason why India doesn't produce as many innovators as we should. Read More.., Click here

To address this problem, Scofe Labs, is creating curated Engineering concepts using 3D Visualisation with Animation, which makes it very simple to understand even complex theoretical Engineering concepts. Check out our sample videos

Our delivery model is a handy Windows based app which can explain each Engineering concepts using 3D Visualised Animated Videos in less than 5 minutes.
Our search for the smartest Mechanical Engineers of India, saw interests from 1,96,639 students across the length and breadth of the country. The competition tested the participants knowledge and application of Mechanical Engineering.

A demographic profiling of the participants revealed that many students were from economically backward communities.
These students have taken loans to aid their educational aspirations.
However the current educational system gave the students a degree but without any conceptual knowledge.

Resulting in poor job opportunities and huge loan burden.

We have identified over 100,000 prospective recipients (Engineering Students). We felt the need to help these deserving Engineers with an Opportunity to take them to the next level.
A Small contribution from your end will help make a difference.

These Donations will help us continue on our goal as Social Entrepreneurs.

The amount received from the donations will be used toward preparing content for the remaining subjects.
As a token of appreciation for your contribution, we shall be offering FREE Access to deserving Engineering students from backward communities across India who are pursuing Mechanical Engineering.
For every donation of Rs 5000/- (USD 75) we receive, we will offer FREE access to 10 Student.

We intend to reach out to 10,000 students over the next few months.

We hope you will join us in this mission to make the future Engineers of our Country Conceptually Sound

Sponsor a Deserving Engineer