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Strength of Materials

Course Objectives - Strength of Materials

1. To study different types of stresses, strain and deformation induced in the mechanical components due to external loads.
2. To study distribution of various stresses in the mechanical elements or bodies of finite dimensions that deform under loads.
3. To study the effects of component dimensions, materials and shapes on stresses and deformations

Topics Covered

1. Moment of Inertia
2. Stresses and Strains
3. Elastic Constants
4. Shear Force and Bending Moment in Beams
5. Stresses in Beams
6. Direct and Bending Stresses
7. Torsion
8. Strain Energy
9. Deflection of Beams
10. Thin Cylindrical and Spherical Shells
11. Columns and Struts

Content Delivery

1. Windows Based App
2. Offline Access for Viewing
3. 3D Visualised Content
4. Triggered based Flash content (Only with Premium Combo Package)

Course Details

Number of 3D Videos 58 (Available ONLY with Combo Package)
Premium Flash Videos 58 (Available ONLY with Combo Package)
Estimated Video Content 500 minutes
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